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Briana Evigan was born Polish and Italian descent because of her paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather being Polish and Italian respectively.

This Husky-Voiced Evigan was a type of person very determined to learn dancing and acting which led her to join the dance classes with the Reality show celebrity Shane Sparks and also attended Campbell Hall in northern Hollywood, California.

She was raised with her two siblings brother Jason Evigan and sister Vanessa Lee.Evigan wanted to make her career in Television shows and Film Industry when she was a child.So, at the age of nine, she was exposed to some dancing classes which made her more involved in dancing competitions.She has made some appearances in the music videos of Linkin Park, Florida, Enrique Iglesias.Briana was born on 23 October 1986 in Los Angeles, California, United States.Both love each other beyond the expectation and we can really guess that they would definitely marry soon.

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