Who is andy dating in tears of a tiger


I don't have time to deal with your temper tantrums and Andy apologizes. Keisha seems to want a fun loving relationship and has a tough time with Andy's depression affecting their ability to have fun together.

Like most young people in love, Andy and Keisha are very affectionate and have a strong romantic attraction.Andy tries to push Keisha to blow off her homework to spend time with him, but when she tries to reschedule for the weekend when she's free, he snaps at her, Be like that, then! All I ask is for a little of your time, and you want to get all righteous on me. This is a red flag that something is unhealthy about their relationship.It indicates that Andy is having trouble coping with the accident and trying to avoid spending time alone.A couple weeks later, though, Keisha's friend Rhonda mentions in a letter that Keisha told her that Andy is having a hard time coping with the guilt and having crying spells.Keisha is being supportive to Andy while getting her friend's support.Keisha handles it by explaining that they should be focused on homework.

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