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If you ask Lenz about this, she’d say something similar to this: “…When I started to design this jewellery collection capsule I had just begun painting again and the theme that kept recurring at the tip of my brush was Buffalo.

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None of which would have been possible without a community that loved & supported the Arts.“In many Indian American communities, the Buffalo has long been a symbol of self-sacrifice; it gives until there is nothing left.In honour of the American Indian community, I am thrilled to partner with Stilnest and present to you The Buffalo Offering collection.” Lenz is a philanthropist.Announcing the end of her marriage with Michael Galeotti, Lenz related that she and Michael are still friendly and, will work together to raise their child.“We remain friendly and dedicated to raising our lovely young girl in love and we appreciate your prayers and your support during this difficult time and I feel immensely touched and grateful that God works all things for the good of those who love Him,” she wrote.They rehired Lenz for another role on the same soap opera.

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