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It was like being chatted up by a 13-year-old girl; she spent the evening sitting in the corner with her mate, pointing and giggling behind her hand. But I also get photos of kids, post-parental abuse. But there's one I'm intrigued by: all I know is that it involves a young, slim Asian lady, an incredibly portly Caucasian woman, a huge tub of lube and a bathing cap.

We’re going backwards rather than forwards; everyone’s on edge and a sense of fear pervades with terrorist attacks and world leaders threatening to wipe other countries of the face of the planet.And it's one of the reasons I started to wear make-up - to push that confusion further.I used to have tutorials with the local pastor; my leadership qualities were recognised at an early age. I used to take along all my Jello Biafra (lead singer of The Dead Kennedys) spoken word records - which were just anti-American family, anti-government incendiary politics.Since the millennium rolled around, it seems like we haven’t stopped dreaming of the 90s.Albeit the 90s of Gwen and her metallic blue bandana halters and immaculate bleach job, whiling away the hours playing on Dream Phone or fending off the Scrubs hanging out the passenger side of their best friend’s ride. And if you weren’t too busy dreaming of being an American teen girl, 90s Britain was also a buzzing place to be.His classic pale face, red lip, and eyeliner combo pinned him as the alternative heartthrob for those rejecting the Noel Gallaghers and Jarvis Cockers of the day.

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