Who is dana bash dating


She asked him about his campaign trip and asked him, ”For people who say you’re taking time out of swing states to go do this, you say?

The boyfriend of CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash was apparently not all too happy with the recent rhetoric that President-elect Donald Trump has been using against CNN.

Dana her first husband were very happy together for nine long years but without any clue, they were divorced.

She stayed single for a year but after a year there was a new guy in her life which was not a surprise as she was young and beautiful. He was previously married to Jean Marie and has two children named Noah Kinga and Hannah King who are well grown now.

Journalist Jeff Zeleny has always praised her work and respects her despite all the odds stack up against her.

CNN journalist Dana Bash is moderating a debate between Senators Lindsey Graham, Bill Cassidy, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar on Monday with Jake Tapper.

Spencer has even called Trump a psychotic twit and tweeted publicly on his Twitter account, though the tweet was immediately removed but we have screen grabbed the controversial tweet.

Source: Mediaite Dana was once scolded by Donald Trump for asking a rude question, and the video was viral.

With her name on rising, Dana hosted weekend shows like Evans & Novak, Inside Politics, and Late Edition.

And now she is at the place where she wants to be but she has no husband or any relationships.

Spencer Garrett — a highly recognizable character actor who has appeared in projects like , and dozens more — fired off a Tweet in direct response to Donald Trump late Monday night that was quickly deleted.

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