Who is dana white dating


He also became reacquainted with former classmate and multimillionaire Lorenzo Fertitta, a casino owner who was serving on the Nevada state boxing commission.

The two, along with Fertitta's brother, Frank, discussed starting their own boxing promotion company.

There simply isn’t enough talent at 145 pounds to adopt Cyborg’s services along with the entire women’s featherweight division.

Rousey is one of the biggest stars, male or female, in all of MMA.

Dana White may be Ronda Rousey’s boss in the public eye, but Invicta fighter Jessica Philippus isn’t so sure the same holds true behind closed doors.

During an appearance on MMA Die Hards Radio, Philippus talked about fighters who could potentially dethrone UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. Personally, I think they’re dating or something, like it’s just weird. I just think that Ronda’s his baby because that was the chance he took.

This hardly proves anything beyond friendship, seeing as White is known for hanging out with his employees from time to time.

He recently took UFC newcomer Conor Mc Gregor out for a ride on the Vegas strip in his Ferrari.

Former street tough Dana White rescued the Ultimate Fighting Championship and transformed the mixed martial arts organization into the hottest sport in America. Thirty-eight-year-old Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) president Dana White may now have the boardroom cred of other business bigwigs, but with his round-shouldered build and two faint but permanent red lines along the edges of his nose (courtesy of a sparring partner), he mostly resembles just another fighter. Indeed, White's tenure as the guiding force behind the rise of the UFC as the newest "fastest-growing sport in America" is best described as a knock-down, drag-out brawl in which he's now the undisputed champion.

And you definitely won't see Warren Buffett tossing up 300 pounds on the bench press.

It's hard to picture Donald Trump rolling into a shareholder meeting sporting a fresh shiner from one of his employees.

While the hotel job paid the bills, it also stood in the way of White's true passion: boxing.

"He's always been very tough," says Joe Cavallaro, a former boxer and friend of White's from the hotel, and now the owner of MMA promotion World Championship Fighting. He was thin back then, but with big, big arms and big shoulders.

Nearly worthless and tainted by controversy less than a decade ago (the sport was not sanctioned by most states), White has helped elevate mixed martial arts (MMA) into the mainstream and transformed the UFC, the first MMA organization, into the biggest—and most surprising—success story in sports.

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