Who is dana white dating Random sexchat with girls


The rumor mill will always be churning when you remain in the limelight as much as White.

It’s nearly impossible for any celebrity to hang out with a member of the opposite sex without receiving the elementary school treatment.

John Mc Cain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee—is now as Middle American as it gets.At 18, after living in numerous cities, White, an amateur boxer and lifelong martial arts aficionado, settled in "Southie," where he didn't mind proving himself regularly in bar and street fights.He worked as a bouncer and later as a bellman at the Boston Harbor Hotel.Dana and Ronda sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i…Or perhaps they’re just sitting.Former street tough Dana White rescued the Ultimate Fighting Championship and transformed the mixed martial arts organization into the hottest sport in America. Thirty-eight-year-old Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) president Dana White may now have the boardroom cred of other business bigwigs, but with his round-shouldered build and two faint but permanent red lines along the edges of his nose (courtesy of a sparring partner), he mostly resembles just another fighter. Indeed, White's tenure as the guiding force behind the rise of the UFC as the newest "fastest-growing sport in America" is best described as a knock-down, drag-out brawl in which he's now the undisputed champion.In fact, Dana White just may be the next most powerful guy in sports.

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