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Spaniards can have big noses too and this guys nose is not like a dutchmans, infact it looks slightly negroid influenced That might have been hard because Spain did not exist at that time. Latinos classify their race based on skin colour because obviously they know nothing about their racial history, as Latin-Americans are so mixed up these days.

Those Spaniards that are famous in the USA are mosly mixed heritage. If a Latino has white skin and white facial features, they’ll classify themselves as white regardless of how much Native American or Black ancestry they have.

He looks like he could be from a number of European countries. The most up to date study on genetics for Britain is the Po BI study. in to Reply Here is an abbreviated article of the above study for anyone interested.

“The first wave of arrivals crossed by land bridges, when sea levels were so low that Britain was attached to what is now northern Germany.

I’m wondering if people are citing that old study on ydna by Oppenheimer which has been shown to be completely wrong.

The gentleman above doesn’t look particularly British to me. What study are you citing that says that Brits are descendents of Spaniards?

Some Spaniards of none mixed heritage: Juan Mata(football player) and David dela Gea in to Reply Wrong post or just trolling? A Castizo or Latino of 1/3 Native American ancestry could identify as white depending on how European they look.

I came here because my sister rent the worst movie I ever seen: Rock of Ages. Log in to Reply there’s no such thing as “white skin”, skin tones of the white race vary significantly.

Providencia was born in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, the daughter of Julio Morales and Fabriana Otero Rodriguez.

in to Reply He’s mostly European, but he still would have some Native American or African ancestry.

Yes, there are hardly any pure Spanish Latin-Americans anymore. All Puerto Ricans have some Native or black ancestry, and all Mexicans have some Native American ancestry, in general. Log in to Reply he could be typical spaniard from Spain and seeing his background here, he could only have spanish backround (mexican-puertorican but with european spaniard background) so there is no doubt he is typical spaniard looking. There is a reason why he was cast as a white guy in an American movie.

He was cast as Pete Diller on the FOX horror/comedy series Scream Queens. While on the show, he released the single, "Responde," which rose to #13 on the Mexican music charts.

His self-titled debut album was released in 2005 and his second album, Indigo, came out in 2008.

Traces of the combined DNA from all these three pioneer settlers forms the basis for the genetic-make up of all white Britons.

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