Who is diego boneta dating


in to Reply He’s mostly European, but he still would have some Native American or African ancestry.

Yes, there are hardly any pure Spanish Latin-Americans anymore. All Puerto Ricans have some Native or black ancestry, and all Mexicans have some Native American ancestry, in general. Log in to Reply he could be typical spaniard from Spain and seeing his background here, he could only have spanish backround (mexican-puertorican but with european spaniard background) so there is no doubt he is typical spaniard looking. There is a reason why he was cast as a white guy in an American movie.

I’m wondering if people are citing that old study on ydna by Oppenheimer which has been shown to be completely wrong.

The gentleman above doesn’t look particularly British to me. What study are you citing that says that Brits are descendents of Spaniards?

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He credited his grandfather, who he never knew, with his musical talent.

He looks like he could be from a number of European countries. The most up to date study on genetics for Britain is the Po BI study. in to Reply Here is an abbreviated article of the above study for anyone interested.

“The first wave of arrivals crossed by land bridges, when sea levels were so low that Britain was attached to what is now northern Germany.

Diego has Mexican, American, and Spanish citizenship. Diego’s paternal grandfather is Manuel González Cenoz (the son of José González Sandoval and Dolores Cenoz Kattain).

Dolores was the daughter of Juan Andrés/André Cenoz Juanena, who was from Navarra, Spain, and of Ana María Kattain/Katthain Serment, who was of German and Swiss descent, with roots in Geneva.

Roberto was the son of Trinidad Lima and Natalia Sánchez.

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