Who is george st pierre dating

Alvarez TUF 23 Finale: There's probably a Mark Coleman joke to be made here, but I leave that for you guys.

Few cases of this condition have, however, been recorded with the detail necessary to prove the assertion.

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It was GSP's 13th consecutive win dating back to 2007.Namajunas dropped Jedrzejczyk with a right then -- after her opponent recovered -- landed a devastating left to score a stunning KO. "There's so much crap going on in the media and on the news and stuff and I just want to use my gifts to try to make this world a better place," Namajunas said after the fight. In the third and decisive round, a gassed GSP got a third takedown on Bisping, but that only opened him up to a flurry of elbows.Bisping appeared to get the upper hand when he busted GSP open with an elbow to help him get off the canvas.But St-Pierre locked on a rear-naked choke that put Bisping to sleep for the middleweight title victory. "Two times I tried to hide it, but man, I wouldn't like to do that fight again." GSP's win over Bisping was only one of three stunning title changes at UFC 217. In the second round, Dillashaw dropped Garbrandt with a right and followed him to the floor to put the bout away.

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