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When Michelle made an appearance in Hong Kong for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in March 2017, she was kept forth a question about her wedding date, to which Michelle replied, Uncertainty hovers around their wedding till this date, but we hope that they take out time from their busy schedule to escalate their already beautiful relationship.Before Todt, Michelle Yeoh was in a marital relationship with Dickson Poon- a wealthy D&B Films executive.However, Michelle suffered a spinal cord injury which shattered her dream of becoming a prima ballerina.Despite the setback, she managed to finish her bachelor's degree, focusing on choreography and drama.Michelle is one among the highest paid Chinese-language actresses in the world and highest paid actress in Asia. Stay with us for the emerging updates on Michelle Yeoh!is a Malaysian actress who achieved fame in the early 1990s after starring in a series of popular Hong Kong action films in which she performed her own stunts.This alias was chosen by the D&B studio who thought it might be more marketable to international and western audiences. She was keen on dance from an early age, beginning ballet at the age of four.

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Michelle, who is also known as the queen of martial arts, had her first passion for dance.Jean Todt was born on February 25, 1946 in Pierrefort, France.Currently, he is in a relationship with actress Michelle Yeoh. Prior to his current career, Todt was a rally co-driver.Michelle got married to Dickson in February 1988, only to get divorced in 1992.Michelle is close to Poon's second wife and although she does not have children of her own; she is a God mother of her former husband, Poon's daughter.Under his management, Peugeot Talbot Sport has won four World Rally Championship titles and became a four-time winner at the Paris-Dakar Rally. While working for Ferrari, the team won 14 Formula One World Championship titles.

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