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But in 2017, they shocked us by announcing their split.

With speculation that Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick, fans want to know who Olivia Munn is dating.

Joel Kinnaman had previously dated actress Olivia Munn.

The same year that Joel Kinnaman began dating Cleo Wattenström, Olivia Munn began dating Aaron Rogers; Munn and Rogers broke up earlier this year.

It was in Stockholm that she began an apprenticeship at the age of 14 which would lead her down the road to becoming a tattoo artist.

These days, Cleo Wattenström lives with Joel Kinnaman in Venice, California in a .7 million home, according to Variety.

Wattenström currently works in Southern California. However, according to her website, she spent a number of years traveling around the world with her parents before eventually settling down in Stockholm, Sweden when she was a teenager.

Joel Kinnaman, as it turns out, also grew up in Stockholm, Sweden; he was born there in 1979.

US Weekly first reported that the two were in a relationship in December 2014, noting that they had now been dating for a number of months and were living together.

Season 5, which premieres on Netflix on May 30th, Joel Kinnaman will again be playing a major role.

After all, Joel Kinnaman stars as Will Conway, the governor of New York who is running against President Frank Underwood in the 2016 presidential election.

Morrison is now married to Rene Puente, and the couple welcomed a son, Revel James in October 2017.

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