Who is lisa origliasso dating


THE Veronicas have joined the chorus of voices calling out Margaret Court’s homophobic beliefs.

Veronicas member Jessica Origliasso, who is dating Ruby Rose, said Court’s views on marriage being for heterosexuals only and comparing LGBT tendencies to Hitler and the devil were outdated and dangerous.“There’s some members of the older generation who have been conditioned with such closed minds,” Jess said.

AUSTRALIAN chart topping twins The Veronicas are in danger of splitting with their secret family feud going public.

Over the last few months sisters Lisa and Jess Origliasso have fallen out over claims of "intolerance" over sexuality and marriage equality.

Veronicas member Lisa Origliasso has been forced to deny sister Jessica's claims she does not support her sexuality or marriage equality.

Jess has been in a relationship with actor and LGBT activist Ruby Rose for over a year.

Rose and Origliasso began dating in 2016 after the actor directed and starred in The Veronicas’ music video for "On Your Side." However, the pair was rumoured to have first dated in 2008, in what was believed to be an on-again, off-again relationship.

Given the timing of the post, fans were quick to speculate it may have been an April Fool’s Day prank.

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It’s exciting and dramatic but when you realise love can be exciting when it’s peaceful that’s a really cool thing to experience.”The sisters are headed to London this week to film the video for .“The video storyline revolves around that feeling of love is everything, the kind of love you’d live or die for, you’d give everything for.”Their fourth album will be released in September.

It symbolically represents a love that is ancient, indestructible & powerful.

A love that never stops existing, reaching, climbing & growing.

that she is engaged to her boyfriend Logan Huffman.

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