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In 1971, a truck driver Thomas (Luke Ford) arrives in Dampier, Western Australia late one night, having transported a previously ordered statue of William Dampier to the town.

Upon entering the town pub he sees the silhouettes of a group of men, one of whom is holding a gun.

Various miners relate their stories of Red Dog to Thomas, but state that, while Red Dog was a dog for everyone, he had no real master.

The men then tell of an American, John Grant (Josh Lucas), a bus driver for Hamersley Iron who became Red's master.

The film is based on the true story of Red Dog and uses the novel Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres as the primary source.

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that the Red Dog film would be developed into a stage musical.Nancy and John's friends at Hamersley then travel to the community of Dampier in support of Red Dog and, after a "civilised chat" with some of the miners, the caretaker and his wife leave, leaving their cat, Red Cat, behind.A great fight between Red Dog and Red Cat ensues, and in the end, they resolve their differences and become mates but still have their ups and downs.Upon realising that the sick dog has left, everyone in the town begins looking for him, eventually finding him lying dead in front of John's grave.One year later, Thomas once again drives up to Dampier with a new puppy for Nancy, a new 'Red Dog' and the whole town unveils a statue of Red Dog, a statue which still stands today. 1971 – 21 November 1979) was a Kelpie/cattle dog cross who was well known for his travels through Western Australia's Pilbara region.The film was also nominated for seven AACTA Awards and won for Best Film.

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