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(Shelley had to move out of their Hollywood home after it was sold because of divorce proceedings.) "For 18 months she's been getting more and more depressed.It's like seeing someone falling off of a cliff," a friend said.See full summary ยป Maggie is thrilled when Mitch, her long time crush, moves back to town.

The production also looks good, with nice sets, costumes, and art direction, along with a steady pace of direction."She felt like she had nothing to live for." Shelley also became reclusive and lost a significant amount of weight."She stayed in bed a lot and never wanted to eat," said one friend. She just doesn't look like herself." "It is very sad to see this beautiful woman, who is only 55, looking like she is turning 90," said another friend.To complicate things even more, the REAL Jason comes calling on the day of the actual holiday. This is an engaging romantic comedy that genre fans will like.Yes, its a tried and true plot but its still great fun.Shelley has a favorite saying that she loves to share with other people, and this is it: Let Love and Light Prevail And Shelley -- your fans, friends, and family now say to you: Anyone can attempt suicide or die by suicide - anyone.

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