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Thereafter, the journey of his successful career commenced.

Besides from acting, he is bestowed with the amazing voice.

Some of Willis track is one of the most played and famous track.

Till now, he is nominated for around 11 times but he has won 3 of them.

Among these one of his brother died at the age of 42, because of pancreatic cancer.

He is of German-American descent, German from the mother’s side and American from the fathers’ side. Afterwards, his family moved to New Jersey there his father did work in the factory as a welder.

Bruce Willis is an all-time great action icon, yet over the past two years, he's also become something a little less impressive: the headliner of a string of straight-to-VOD (or just about) releases that have flown so far under the radar that practically no one knows they even exist.

Remember 2011's , a thriller in which he co-stars as a villainous assassin who kidnaps the daughter of his former rival (Jason Patric).

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That short distance soon becomes an immense challenge once Willis's partner (David Morse) and a cadre of corrupt cops show up trying to kill Def's character.

After graduation he again moved to New York City to try his fortune as an actor.

Like his father, he was also fond of doing things by his own hands.

Amid a familiar barrage of gunfire and white guy-black guy banter with the motormouthed Def, Willis is in his element, and layers his beleaguered police officer with a world-weariness.

Sources say that the 55-year-old actress and the 25-year-old singer and actor have been seeing each other since May.

Thereafter he took participation in a number of productions.

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