Whose patrick kielty dating

The problems between the pair allegedly started after Kielty told viewers on the live show that Brook had previously been involved in a relationship with one of the contestants, Paul Danan.However, even the promise of fireworks between the two hosts was not enough to keep viewers interested, and one episode of the show only attracted less than 2 million viewers.

In the first series, each week viewers voted celebrities off the island, but in the second, the inhabitants had the final say.

It was announced in late May 2006 that Fearne Cotton would be Kielty's new co-host with Series 1 winner Jayne Middlemiss presenting Aftersun with Matt Brown on ITV2.

It also has a new sponsor, popular chocolate bar Bounty.

Many commentators felt that the format of the show provided low quality television as an excuse to attract high ratings.

Following the launch of the show, the celebrities were criticised by viewers for being boring, and the celebrity status of some of the participants was questioned.

On 10 June 2005, although ratings were beginning to pick up, with the show close to overtaking Big Brother in popularity, a strong storm over the islands of Fiji disrupted the programme.

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