Wife killed after updating facebook


Vincent allegedly admitted “getting into it” with this wife, and argued that he took the photos to show Chrystal “how she looked” after taking some pills.

"Regretfully, the news reports are true," a friend or family member posted on her Facebook page on Thursday.

Vincent Terry, 47, told the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Jan.

8 that his wife, 41-year-old Chrystal Terry, had been missing since Dec. He told authorities that his wife, who was 20 weeks pregnant, had fled their Summerfield home around p.m.

They also were unable to get in evidence from a purported “shadow” expert they said indicated two upright figures were fighting in reflections in the kitchen’s stainless steel sink.

A Florida man who’s been accused of fatally shooting his pregnant wife before taking photos of her dead body was arrested Monday in her murder, as his wife remains missing almost three months after her disappearance.

The evidence, she added, showed that “Derek Medina coldly murdered his wife to heal his own injured ego.” Trial testimony showed the couple began fighting in their upstairs bedroom because Medina had failed to wake up his wife early that morning to watch a movie, as he had promised.

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