Women and dating mistakes

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Our makeup is too heavy, our skirts are too short, our heels are too high.

“Hell, one of my close girl friends is dating a guy,” he continued, “and whenever she brings him along to go out with me and my friends, she spends the entire time talking with other guys.

The guy she’s dating is basically third-wheeled – I try and keep him company because I feel bad for him.” How kind of you!

So, stop feeling sad, lonely, and frustrated, and get ready to handle a line of guys forming to get your attention.

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Reddit user amieileen asked the men of Reddit what they think is the most common relationship mistake that women make. “[The biggest mistake girls make is] issuing ultimatums,” said Reddit user The Adventurous Writer. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to tell bae he either needs to choose his flirty female best friend or you.

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“[The biggest mistake girls make is] pushing boundaries when it comes to ‘guy friends’ or ex-boyfriends,” says Reddit user Rotion.

Ever thought that they already spend a shit load of time together and she doesn’t want to be in the corner alone with him when they go out to see other people? We already know how guys feel about girls who are friends with their exes (not good), and it’s probably the same way you feel about guys who are friends with their exes, which is not good.

“[The biggest mistake girls make is] talking about your problems with the relationship with other people before talking about it with their SO,” said captainfrobie.

The authors David and Jonathan Bennett balance advanced theory with practical action, loading the book with helpful insights and stories.

This is one of the few books on female dating written by the actual people women are trying to attract: guys…and not just any guys, the authors of Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It).

“Fuck off.” Geez, must be hard having someone who actually gives a shit about you! “[The biggest mistake girls make is] looking for subtext in what her guy said,” said Reddit user jello_sweaters.

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