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If you don't have major differences in opinions and attachment grows, it's probably high time you exchanged phone numbers, don't you think so? You are going to call, but don't know what to do about language barrier? Overcoming language barrier A Slavic woman registering at a dating site for foreigners usually understands that she'll hardly find a man who speaks Russian.As a rule she is ready to obtain skills of communicating in partner's language.You can also use services of professional translator.It's more difficult during real-life communication. Conversation between a man and a woman is more emotional and sincere without third parties involved.But any learning is accompanied, as a rule, by mistakes (language acquisition as well). You should tell her from time to time: "What a wonderful mistake!" And then the inner child of an adult woman will definitely feel happy, deserving and having a right for any manifestations.

Third reason of language barrier is the lack of foreign language speaking automatism.Russian women are usually selflessly struggling against difficulties.This national trait shows itself to the most, if overcoming of obstacles gives the opportunity to love and be loved. What if she doesn't understand your humor and gets hurt? Imagine that there is a little child instead of your partner. In the process of learning an adult has his child's part of personality active which is curious, but tender and sensitive. The second reason of language barrier lies in unpleasant childhood worries associated with learning of foreign language or something else.People before a phone talk with a virtual acquaintance unintentionally picture them.But when a real conversation happens, it usually turns out that expected and real images are not the same.Fourthly, it's easy today to translate electronic messages.

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