Women you should avoid dating


This is because he is simply a puppet in the hands of his mother. Also Read: 10 Things that You do Annoy Your Guy Therefore, every women should avoid dating such guys at any point of their life to ignore all the drama.

The truth is there is no perfect woman, the beauty of a relationship is finding perfection in that imperfection; the beauty is seeing those flaws as gold and working hard with your partner to improve every bit of your life.

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Mumma’s Boy: Girl should not date a guy who is highly influenced by his mother.

Though he may be in his twenty’s but he is still given to his kiddish nature.

It is good to be childlike but being childish never works.

The s*x freak may like you a lot but wouldn’t mind being with others, that’s what I call a high-jump relationship; if you’re in this kind of relationship, your mind would never be at rest.3.

THE COMPLAINERYou want to know one thing about the complainer; she never gets tired of complaining.

You should avoid such type of men because they won’t be of any help when you will be in any kind of problem.

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