Www friendsreunited dating

I agree with Savannah..what's the point of adding 500 people to your facebook account.can't chat with all of them at the same time and in my opinion it's even a waste of time to try keeping in touch with all of them..

So I dont chat on facebook or send pictures even though it means I cant talk to my family in America online, as they are on facebook all day.As over 500 of their 'friends' can still the photos that i send them ( or not as i wont send them).If someone only had a reasonable amount, I might feel safer, but hundreds of people are just the public, and not friends, so they dont get too see my photos, thats my point is you don't SEND pics anywhere......load them on to your own profile, which, if you have set your security settings correctly, are ONLY visible to your friends.Believe it or not but I even lost a friend because of facebook, he got sucked in by the system... ) and started behaving madly with people who knew him and haad met him in real life.What to say.each his own, but I rather wish facebook will be replaced by something else in the future.Furthermore, I don't like the fact you can't delete your info when you deactivate your account but they keep it stored in case you change your mind, so much for the privacy.

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