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“But we cannot make the statement with 100% certainty that this earliest abstract art—of symbols and hand stencils—relates to Neandertals.” The ancient artwork could mean instead that cave painting was already part of modern humans’ repertoire when they reached Europe.

To know for sure, researchers will have to keep searching for even older cave art.

Listen to the research team discuss its findings during a 13 June press teleconference.

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Unlike other dating tools described at earth-time.org, U-series encompasses a family of radioactive elements with different chemical characteristics that are related to each other through a chain of successive radioactive decays.

The researchers’ results are published in the 15 June issue of the journal is excited to be publishing this paper because it both develops an approach for dating cave art and provides a rich series of dates on art in numerous caves,” said Brooks Hanson, the journal’s deputy editor for the physical sciences.

Cave paintings are among some of the earliest examples of art and human symbolic behavior, but inconsistencies produced by radiocarbon dating techniques have prevented archaeologists from understanding how different styles and practices developed.

Over time, this signature goes away, eventually relaxing to a condition wherein the disequilibria are no longer detectable.

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